A Simple Guide to Finding the Best Wood Floor Vacuum

It’s a terrifying prospect, taking on that beautiful polished hardwood floor with a heavy clunky vacuum. What if you scratch that near perfect surface?

Can I really vacuum a hard wood floor?

You certainly can, it’s quicker and less back breaking than sweeping, not to mention more effective. If your house is anything like mine it’s a combination of carpet and polished wood flooring, meaning that unless you want to spend your whole day cleaning, a holistic and simple approach to cleaning may just save you time and your sanity!

Do I need a specialty vacuum cleaner?

Not necessarily. It can be as simple as finding the right attachment that will not scratch the wood. Some brave souls take on the task by just lowering the bristles that are designed primarily to clean tile and lino on a standard modern vacuum head. But the risk of scratching is just too great. On the other hand, do not go out and buy another cleaner out of fear with out checking out less complicated and less expensive options!


So what sort of attachment am I looking for?

The most effective attachment in my experience had two velveteen strips and soft bristles either side of the suction point at the business end of the vacuum. Check your vacuum head for sticking out screws, abrasive edges or points that could sabotage you.

I’m going to buy a new cleaner but I want to make sure that I pick one suitable for my carpet and my wood flooring.

What should I look for?

Things to Consider

1) Space

If you have a large amount of wood flooring and not much, if any, carpet an automatic cleaner such as a Roomba could be an easy option. Automatic cleaners cannot handle large quantities of build up as in carpet but thrive on hard wood floors. Though they can be considered and extravagance for people with less floor space.

If your home is smaller a soft head stick vacuum may be more practical. Most brands offer an low budget option like this with an internal canister that does not hold much but does the job if the job is not too big.

2) Adaptability

An Automatic cleaner or a stick vacuum may thrive on floor boards, but as soon as they encounter a thickly carpeted lounge they begin to struggle. If you are after a one size fits all, you need to be paying close attention to the attachments that come with it. A standard mid range family vac will generally come with a whole host of brushes, suckers and polishers but the one you need to look for is that velveteen number mentioned earlier. It is the key to your wood and carpet cleaning woes.

Arm yourself with the facts and a list of things you’ll need from your vacuum cleaner, and stick to your guns! You’ll have the best wood floor cleaner in your home in no time.